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You want your child to succeed now and in life.

We teach the executive function skills they need now to meet the challenges they face every day.

What is U Power, Powered By You?

U Power, Powered by You! is a work of “heart”....  It was born out of years of working with individual children and seeing the need for a different direction and a different type of support as each child got older. 

Let's face it - your kids are growing up in a world that is much more complex than when we grew up. They have more responsibilities, more distractions, and the school work is harder.

Executive Functioning is a developmental skill that does not ever stop growing, changing, and evolving in humans as we go through the life cycle. However, tweens and teens tend to struggle the most as it is a time of rapid brain growth and it is hard for that part of the brain to catch up to all of the other areas. 

We provide classes and individual coaching, both for children and their parents, that raises the awareness of where a child is with their journey through obtaining improved executive function skills in order to build time management, emotional regulation, and planning skills which are essential for adolescents to navigate school and the social experiences of growing up.

The world has become more complicated and challenging. Children with good executive functioning skills will become more confident, empowered, organized, and able to deal with the emotional challenges faced at school and at home.

Here are the top 5 Executive Function challenges faced by middle school and high school kids.

Time management coaching for middle school and high school students

1. Time Management

Middle and High school introduces students to more complex schedules and multiple assignments. Time management becomes crucial as they juggle different subjects, extracurricular activities, and personal responsibilities. Many students struggle to prioritize tasks, estimate time accurately, and meet deadlines. Teaching effective time management strategies, such as using planners or digital tools, breaking tasks into smaller chunks, and setting realistic goals can support their executive function development.

2. Organization

Your not the only parent that may have noticed that your child is not very organized. Students often face challenges when it comes to organizing their school materials, including textbooks, notebooks, and assignments. Poor organization skills can lead to lost assignments, missed deadlines, and increased stress. Introducing systems for organizing materials, such as color-coding, using folders or binders, and developing a consistent routine for sorting and filing, can help students stay organized and reduce frustration during and after school.

3. Task Initiation

Starting tasks independently can be a significant challenge for many middle school students. They may struggle with getting started on homework, projects, or studying. Procrastination and difficulty breaking tasks into manageable steps are common hurdles. We teach students how to create to-do lists, set specific goals, and practice strategies like the Pomodoro Technique (working for focused periods followed by short breaks) can assist them in overcoming the challenge of task initiation.

4. Cognitive Flexibility

The world is so complicated. Your child is being exposed to increasing cognitive demands and the need to adapt to new situations and expectations. Cognitive flexibility refers to the ability to shift thinking, adapt to changes, and see things from different perspectives. Many students struggle with rigid thinking and difficulty adjusting to unexpected situations. Our coaching programs teach problem-solving activities, engaging in open-ended discussions, and exposing students to diverse perspectives can enhance their cognitive flexibility skills that are so important to becoming a successful adult.

Self regulation coaching

5. Self Regulation

Self-regulation encompasses managing one's emotions, impulses, and behavior. It plays a crucial role in academic success and social interactions. Most middle and high school age children face challenges in regulating their emotions and controlling impulsive behaviors, such as blurting out answers or interrupting others. Our coaching teaches strategies like deep breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, and self-reflection that help students develop self-regulation skills.

How UPower, Powered by You! Can Help Your Child

Middle School Group Coaching

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High School Group Coaching

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Individual Coaching Programs

Some kids can benefit from additional coaching that targets individual needs. Find out more.

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