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About Robyn and U Power, Powered By You!

U Power, Powered by You! Was created by Robyn Laub, an Occupational Therapist and Executive Function Coach. Since graduating with a degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Florida, and a Masters in Developmental Disabilities focusing on the Transition to Adulthood from Nova Southeastern University, Robyn has persisted in advancing her knowledge as a therapist and coach, earning hundreds of hours of continuing education credits.

Robyn has certifications in the Seeing My Time(TM) program and Executive Function Coaching as well as a significant amount of study into the brain and the developing child. She is proud to have integrated her extensive knowledge of brain development with her understanding of emotional regulation and executive function. Robyn has been working since 1997 to help young people achieve greater independence. Robyn believes that an Executive Function Coach should be a partner on the journey toward student success, and created U Power, Powered by You! to help all students reach their full potential.


 Classes are live, interactive, on Zoom (or in-person for central Florida residents). Students and their parents will have access to handouts and recordings of the classes in order to review if needed. 

Short downloadable classes will be offered in the near future as well!

Success Wherever You Are


Individual coaching for more focused success in the areas of time management, planning and organizing, setting and prioritizing goals, life skill independence, and transition to adulthood services are offered through U Power, Powered by You! 


U Power, Powered by You! offers live classes scheduled several times per year for high schoolers as well as middle schoolers. These classes are highly interactive and your child will have a bank of tools and strategies to support them as they continue to navigate through their roads ahead.

Self Paced

Downloadable classes and information will be coming soon to this site so that you or your child can learn specific skills and work at your own pace in order to feel confident and comfortable with the skills and knowledge being taught.

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