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Executive Function & Study Skills Coaching for High Schoolers

High School students need to learn how to be more independent. They will be taught skills and tools similar to the middle school strategies, but with more emphasis on independence by learning. This includes essential practices such as “seeing and feeling time” in order to build better planning, problem solving, and organizational skills necessary for school and life after school.

The foundational skills we share with our high school students will help your child throughout high school, college, and into adulthood.

There are so many demands for today's high school students. And their brains are still developing - trying to process how to get it done and navigate their social life.

Imagine if they learned the best ways to properly organize their time and tasks and how to use various tools to help them. The result will be reduced stress, anxiety, and leads to better grades. Not to mention these skills lead them to more success the rest of their life.

It's just like any sport. Its easier to achieve better results if you have a good coach.

Classes available beginning July 9. Secure your high schooler's spot today!

Executive function classes for high school students

Why Do This For Your High Schooler

Goals and Objectives for the Executive Function and Study Skills Success Class:

  1. Time Management: Teach students how to effectively manage their time, including setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and creating schedules.
  2. Organization Skills: Help students develop strategies for organizing their school materials, such as notebooks, folders, and digital files.
  3. Note-taking Techniques: Teach various methods of note-taking, such as Cornell notes or mind mapping, to help students capture and retain important information.
  4. Active Reading Strategies: Train students in techniques for active reading, such as annotating texts, summarizing main points, and asking critical questions.
  5. Test Preparation: Provide strategies for preparing for tests and exams, including effective study methods, test-taking tips, and stress management techniques.
  6. Critical Thinking Skills: Foster critical thinking skills by teaching students how to analyze information, evaluate sources, and form their own opinions.

Registration is Now OPEN!

Register Below for the 4-Week Executive Function & Study Skills Group Coaching Summer 2024!

Classes are scheduled:

July 9 and 11

July 16 and 18

July 23 and 25

July 30 and Aug 1

4:00-5:30 pm

Your child will learn executive function strategies and tools necessary to succeed in high school and for the rest of their life.

Classes are recorded so your child won't miss anything. And they can replay class recordings to reinforce what they learn.

What people are saying

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"I recently took U Power with Robyn and it was such a great class. I learned how to better manage my time, and I feel more prepared as I'm about to enter my junior year of high school. Robyn was very supportive, and helped me identify my strengths as a student." 

Rachel C, High School Student

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Mr. Chris has been working with my high school aged son on study habits and specific study techniques. Since beginning their coaching, my son has now learned to slow down, check his work, make a plan for how to study for a particular test, and implement strategies during tests. This has helped to build his confidence and efficiency when studying.

— Melissa T

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