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Let's Create Something... Together!

Families choose to homeschool for so many reasons. Perhaps you have a child who learns differently. Perhaps they have a time consuming sport or art that does not allow for the traditional school schedule. Or maybe it is a family decision based on the desire for flexibility and experiential learning.

Whatever your reason, it still takes a village. Especially if your tween or teen has difficulty with executive function. For some students, time management and organization challenges are present in the school setting, even when there is a consistent and predictable routine. Now imagine the challenges that students with executive functioning deficits face when navigating the schedule of flexible learning.

Coaching can help. Robyn Laub, OT and Executive Function Coach, can work with your child individually through Individual Coaching or create a Middle School or High School Group Coaching classes based on a group of home schoolers and the time that works best for you! Early morning, mid-day, or afternoon group coaching is available for your Middle School or High School student!